Garmin Oregon 450t

The first thing I noticed on this device is the amount of tools it has on offer. The interface can be modified so that you get to see the information you need in whatever preference you like. If you want to go geocaching you can either track the coordinates looking at the topo map or by having the compass pointing the direction and showing the remaining distance. I've also found it to be very accurate and works great at maintaining a satellite signal. Another thiing I found very useful is how the maps turn on the display when you change direction. Scrolling on the touchscreen display is a little sluggish but the screen is big, bright and waterproof. I highly recommend this gps!!


Road Angel Adventurer 7000

I've been using this now for nearly 3 years. It's worked well as my car satnav but also as my backup 'Where the hell am i?' gps system. It reads memory map OS map files and can display your position with OS 1:25 and 1:50 map detail. It's been a little security system of mine when i've been out in poor visibilty and not been 100% of my exact location. I found at times it would take a while to get a satellite signal which was quite frustrating but once locked on it was very precise. Its a touchscreen device that loads the maps very quickly when scrolling around although I found the zoom buttons could have been a little larger for my chubby fingers though.The only real problem is the battery. Basically you cant replace it. After nearly 3 years it seems that the battery will not last a full day of walking and needs recharging. I think the main reason I was able to keep it in use for this long was by using its standby key which helped to extend its working duration. Apart from this issue though it has been excellent!! The newer Memory Map 2800 device has had great reviews.



Timex Expedition

Big, rugged and bright. This watch is packed with all the features you would need for the outdoors. Compass, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, chronograph, stopwatch and it even tells the time!

It gives a 4 hour weather forecast that I dont pay much attention to as it seems a little off. The altimeter is accurate but needs to be calibrated a little too often for me to bother with. It was very good when I trekked in the Himalayas at high altitude. It was a good feature to have at that time and my trekking partners requested regular updates on our height and temperature. To get true temperature readings, I attach the watch to my rucksack or else it just reads the heat from my body. I really like the huge widescreen display and the Indiglo light is very impressive.

I dont really need most of these features but if you can be bothered recalibrating the compass, altimeter, barameter and using them, then you will receive accurate information on a great widescreen display.