Multimat Superlite Air

Wow!! only 300grams. I've used this sleeping on wooden boards in bothies on the Isle of Rum and in my tent. This matt is so light, you wouldn't notice it in your rucksack. Packs down to the size of a packet of maryland cookies. Not only is it super light, it is also very confortable. Dont put too much air into it. Let it mold around your body as you sleep. Love it!!!!

Also its a lot cheaper than the Thermarest Neoair

Thermarest Ridge Rest

I had yet to invest in a decent lightweight sleeping mat. I settled for the Ridge Rest for two reasons. It weighs in at 400grams and it was reasonably priced at about £35. It's surface is aluminized to reflect heat back to the body and it's ridges are designed to trap the heat and increase comfort. After testing it in the field (wild camp on Haystacks in the Lakes) on a very wet and cold night, I can confirm that it works very well at insulating from the ground and is reasonably confortable. It is ridiculously light although it is very bulky. Light is great but I'm sure that all lightweight enthusiasts would be frustrated by its roll up size. You wouldn't dream of storing this inside your rucksack. It is a must to have it strapped to the outside, simply because it would fill a 40L pack. Shame I cant justify getting a NeoAir.

Coleman Phact x 2

I've had this tent for 3 years now. What I like about it is how solid the geodesic structure feels once you are inside. I've slept in it in strong winds and not really noticed much movement. I havent work up wet from condensation or had any leaks. It was a porch and door at each end which is very useful. The porches are of the average size but to fill one with muddy boots and have another is really useful. It also has a good venting system. Only problem is its weight. At 4.1kg its pretty heavy for backpacking. I've taken it on a couple of wild camping trips but I wouldnt want it on my back all day. The porch ground sheets can be zipped off for cleaning which really helps.

I'm 6ft 2ins and i feel that in terms of length its just right for me and the head space seems reasonable aswell.





2 cups of boiling water in 2 minutes!This really is a great piece of kit. I really like how it all closes down into a single unit. The insulating is essential and works perfectly and the whole thing is easy to pack and lightweight. Perfect when out for long cold days or overnight trips. Some people have complained that the igniter fails after only a few uses but mine has been perfect and has been igniting first time, every time.


Snugpak Chrysalis Winter

This bag has an extreme rating of -15°c and is very comfortable. This is the bag I wish I had in Iceland and on a very cold night below Helvellyn. I took it with me to the Himalayas and was toasty every night. Has the same jumbo zip baffle as my other Snugpak but as it is warmer it is also heavier and larger when packed away in its stuffsack. I am very pleased with this bag.

Snugpak Softie Elite 3

A fairly basic sleeping bag with a comfort rating of -5°c. 210cm in length. It has a jumbo zip baffle which is pretty useful if you want a bit of extra space and air movement. I also like the stuff sack and that this bag is reasonably light.