Priekestolen (Norway)

It seems the attraction most advertised in Norway is Priekestolen (Pulpit Rock). That makes sense, Tour operators run out of Stavanger throughout the year, it's not too demanding and the views are epic. Apart from being on the fjords, this could be the best way to take in their incredible beauty. After our slog the previous day to Trolltunga, this was a much welcomed short hike.
It was a long drive for us that morning from Odda but the 4 hours or so we spent driving was probably the best drive of our lives. Truly stunning in every direction. We eventually got to the Priekestolen around mid-day, found a space in the already swollen car park and set off.
It's a straightforward short hike that is clearly marked throughout. Those iconic 'T' markers were present again but really we just needed to follow the line of people making their way along the rocky trail. I'll let the photos speak as much as they can considering that views so vast aren't easy to capture and do justice. One thing worth noting though is that after you have reached Pulpit Rock, there are more 'T' markers you can follow to get a view from above Priekestolen.