Old Man of Coniston

Looking at the weather the decision was easy. Rain in Snowdonia, Sunny Spells in the Lakes. Choosing the route was easy too. This was to be my first visit to Coniston, something I had been hoping to do for a while. Getting to Coniston was amusing and a lesson was learnt. 'Don't rely completely on satnav!' Arriving at a ferry crossing on Windermere had us more than surprised. Easily corrected though by heading for Ambleside and circling the lake.

After pitching up at Coniston Water we set off for the Old Man. You will see by my route that we had a couple of detours from the tourist path. This wasn't completely intentional. I don't know why but it seems that if i ever go wrong, its on the very beginning of a walk.

Once on track the path up to the Old Man was simple. I wasn't bowled over by this ascent though. The mining remains were great and added a lot of interest but you had to look behind you if you wanted any views. It reminded me a bit of Snowdon.

The summit views made up for this though and those great views continued along Brim Fell and Swirl How. Once we were acorss the Prison Band we dropped down to Levers Water and descended the path to Dixon Ground.