Helvellyn and Striding Edge

Scrambling through fog to find the summit of Blencathra only the day before, it was a real shocker to wake up to the most perfect conditions for our Helvellyn ascent. I attempted to do the same fell last November, only to be faced with horrendous weather conditions. The snow and poor visibility wasn’t the main problem, but it was the thought of either slipping on the ice or being blown off the ridge by the gale-force winds that made me a bit nervous. So it was with great disappointment -nevertheless a wise decision - that our little group came to a mutual decision to abandon the hike.
So here I was grinning from ear to ear, knowing I would have that clear summit I’d been waiting for these past six months. Matt was well accustomed to Helvellyn (or ‘Helly’ as we now aptly call it for short) having climbed her in the maddest snow conditions ever, but I could tell he was just as excited as me to get up there.
My first ridge walk and I felt an enormous sense of achievement, not only for that but also for returning and conquering the fell that had beat me in the first place.